December 7, 2012

Paper Crowns Design

Natasha from Paper Crowns has redesigned my blog and I'm really lovin it!
She had completely hand drawn my logo using a water color technique and incorporated every detail that I asked for! I wanted a simple, clean, girly look and she achieved just that!
"I love design, in all its forms. I love its beauty and its subtlety and its thoughtfulness. I love that it is the perfect balance of artfulness and practicality. I love that it makes something function better just by nature of being good. It excites me like nothing else and it's what I want to do forever.
I'd love the opportunity to put the kind of care and thoughtfulness I so value in good design into crafting a beautiful, fully customized blog and brand identity for you. It's my aim in designing a blog to get just the right look and feel. To bring to life exactly what you've envisioned your head — or what you've been looking for but haven't been able to articulate or visualize on your own. The way your blog looks is just as important as what it says. I would love to work with you to create a beautiful space that represents who you are, inspires you, and serves as a perfect backdrop to your content."
A Huge Thank you dear for your hard work and creativity and for making my blog just a little bit more prettier~
Please Like Paper Crowns on Facebook! And check out some of her beautiful work here.
If you need a little or a lot of change on your blog I recommend Natasha and her amazing talented work!
By the way, she has a giveaway on her blog right now! Go enter for a chance to win a cute bracelet from lex & lynne shop!



Dasha said...

очень красиво получилось! love it!

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

I really like the update! Natasha is amazing, I love her blog and her work always looks so fresh and soft and girly at the same time.

My best friends blog said...

Could your family get any cuter?