December 4, 2012

Vintage Cars Inspired Birthday Party


What a celebration this was!
My first born son turned 3 years old on November 25, 2012
Since he loves cars so much I planned a vintage inspired cars themed birthday party.
We had only family over which included his cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, grandparents..
It sure was a full house and a lot of fun!
What started out with lunch then moved onto a craft project, painting wooden cars. Kids loved it and got to take their project home with them. Then we played a game. Tire Toss. Kids tried to toss the ball into the Tire and who ever made it got a small prize. This was so funny and glad we got it all on video!
Then we sang happy birthday to Ezekiel and had cake.!! Which was so delicious! A friend made it for me, they own a bakery here in Portland, Oregon. Shes made all my sons previous birthday party cakes before.
You can view them here & here
And shes also made my baby shower cake click here.
Things I made were the banner, table cover with left over fabrics which I ironed on & the goodie bags. I had so much fabric left over so I wanted to utilize it somewhere throughout the party.
What a fun day this was!
I'm so blessed to have Ezekiel in my life! Looking forward to this upcoming year.


Deanne Marie said...

What an awesome idea. :) I love the vintage look you through into the party. :)

Rachael@HomeSweetHarbor said...

What a cute party!! I love how he is holding his little suspenders in a lot of the pictures, so adorable! The fabrics on the goody bags made for a really vintage touch, great job! Oh and the picture of him opening one of his gifts is priceless, where he is making the excited face.

Bon Bon said...

What a love he is! Super cute party, pretty mama! LOVE the cake:-) Everything looks perfect! xoxo

M.from barefootcloud said...

This is a happy home..!May bliss be in your hearts always!
Amazing details,love the colors and the little soft blue papillion he is wearing!
Just decorated our tiny house for Christmas,love to see you there!
Have a lovely day!

M.from barefootcloud said...

Just followed you on blogloving so I can have your updates!

Lulu Soler said...

The party looks awesome. My son loves cars & your lil' bud is adorable! Following you... follow me back?
XO Lulu