January 23, 2013


These happened to be the only ingredients that I had in my fridge this morning.
That's the beauty in juicing you can use so many fruits & veggies and mix it up how ever you like.
There are so many good recipes for juicing! You may view some here.
And you tube has endless possibilities!
I started Juicing this past summer while I was pregnant and instantly saw results and loved it!
Not only is it fun, my 3 year old son loves to help mama put the pieces of fruits and vegetables inside the juicer, it;s so fasinating for him and very healthy for you! 
 I did my research and found the perfect juicer that works for me.
I use the Omega 8006 Model you can use your 20% coupon and save some money from BedBath & Beyond. Of course there are so many juicers out there that are cheaper and probably work just as good. Truth is, as long as you do your research, read the reviews and if you know someone who already uses a really good juicer then trust them and try it out for yourself! The thing about this juicer is that its super easy to assemble and clean up is very convenient and fast with no big parts to wash.
I like it, and am pretty satisifeid so far. ;)
Top Ten Juicing Vegetables..read about it here
Check out the great benefits to juicing in this article here 
Here's to staying healthy this year!
Have a favorite juicing recipe, please share?


Ana said...

I discovered juicing last year too, but unfortunately, after a little experimentation, I sort of gave up. I do want to get back to it this year though (all the benefits are too hard to ignore!), and hopefully if I make them regularly I'll be able to justify the upgrade to a juicer like the Omega from my centrifugal one.

One of my favourite combinations is just carrot and apple. I think it's a great choice for anyone just beginning to juice, because it's a little sweeter than the other juices made from leafy greens.

Hope you're having a great week so far! :)

Little Rus said...

Love juicing - I actually cannot imagine starting my day without one. x

Anonymous said...

What a great article!
You see that's good for you, haiuna gorgeous skin and you're in good shape.
I try disolito difarlo the weekend when I piĆ¹tempo, use the Kenwood :-)
What do you eat for breakfast in the morning disolito addition to the juice?

Jamie Borota said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing! I would love to get into juicing, too.

P.S. Where did you get that adorable Matryoska cup?!

Toots said...

YAY I've just gotten into juicing too:) have noticed a huge difference in my skin, energy levels and general health! My favourite is pear, kiwi fruit, beetroot, ginger, carrot, celery and either an orange or an apple. So so good! :)

Denise Jones said...

One thing I love about juicing apart from the health benefits is all the different combinations you have. I could juice for my whole life and never juice every possible combination. At the moment i'm seriously into parsnips, carrots, celery and basil!!!

Jawed Ali said...

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Rich Donahue said...

I've been juicing for a while now and absolutely love it. Just a few years ago I was having trouble with getting enough fruits and vegetables and now, I practically live on them. thanks for the interesting article. Glad to see your son likes it.

The Little Flapper said...

I'm doing a juice fast this year, eek! My favorite juice is mango,and carrots, it's so delicious! Juicing has so many benefits doesn't it?

Jawed Ali said...

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