January 31, 2013

mama style

Hat-Bonnet | chambray shirt: J Crew | mustard sweater: Target |  white dress: Forever21 | polka dots tights: Free People | boots: Dolce-Vita | Purse: Shop Ruche | Black collard necklace: gifted | earrings: vintage | watch/bracelet: gifted

Today I'm linking up with 9 other hot stylish mama's.  I couldn't turn this one down, well its obvious, I'm both a Mom of two incredible boys and someone who likes to dress up.

Yes, of course I remember being pregnant like it was yesterday and do I  miss it, no not at all! 
I did enjoy dressing up my bump and had a great over all experience being pregnant and with labor, but I have those days where I'm wearing sweats, husbands sweater, socks, hair up in a pony tale, lazy mama days like ummm... 5 times a week! 

But sometimes I dress up! Yes I do and I enjoy it!

The outfit above sorta represents me {Vintage Pretty } look. 
This was taken place in San Francisco just last week by the "Painted Ladies" Victorian pastel homes, a must see tourist place to visit. Don't worry I will show pics from our trip soon! Lots to see!
Whenever I go on a vacation whether its for the weekend or for a couple weeks (my adorable husband is very spontaneous and surprises me with little trips once in a while) this is when I like to pack "extra" sometimes "to much" outfits and my hubby gives me a hard time about it, but oh well. Its when I can really collaborate and put together an outfit, plus all the accessories, and actually feel "like a lady" and enjoy my vacation while he shoots some photos. hehe ;) Its when we are without the kids and it's how I relax "in style"

1. I always wear something vintage or thrifted even if it's just one piece on my entire outfit. Like a pair of earrings, heels, clutch, hair pin.
2. A favorite must have item in my closet is a chambray shirt. "denim" I have four in several shades. 
3. A chunky necklace!

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Zeynep said...

wow you look amazing! haha I know that feeling of don't want to dressing well =)

Xx Zeynep

Instigram: @zeynepgonen

Kirsten said...

I LOVE my J.Crew chambray shirt. Seriously, I want to wear it ALL the time. SO comfy, versatile, etc.


Kimberly Charlotte said...

I love your style! The way you do vintage is just perfect! Very inspirational (:


Denise Pacurar said...

You look adorable! Always the cutest mama!

<3 Denise

The Little Flapper said...

You have the cutest sense of style. Your definitely a fashion icon<3

Tereza said...

I just love this outfit!!!! You have the best style and inspire me so much :)

Sam said...

You look beautiful, such great style! I love those tights so much!

Bridget said...

so so cute. i love it.

Ashley said...

You are gorgeous inside and out! Always love your outfits! You always look so perfect and pretty!

Rachel said...

Hi Olga, found my way here from Style Honestly and I'm happy I did. Love vintage and I really like this! definitely ff. :)

Kendra Pahukoa said...

yep, it's official. i NEED those tights!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love the poka dot leggings.