February 1, 2013

{DIY} Valentines Day Cards

card one//
My inspiration came from the painted arrow
For this card I simply used this baby dear print found here.
Opened it up in Pic Monkey and created the graphics.
Printed it on heavyweight white paper.
Cut it out with trimmer.
Added the Happy Valentine's Day Stamp from paper source.
Put a strip of double sided tape on the edge.
Sprinkled some glitter.
Layered it with colorful paper.
Thats it. simple. cute. and very sweet.
//card two
I used FOXGRAM to print these 3x3 size instagram prints.
They turned out great! Quality was awesome!

Growing up all through out grade school I loved Valentines Day! Making your own pocket folders hanging in the front of your desk and passing out valentines day cards with candy to all your classmates was so much fun!
Then I would come home dump it all and carefully read each card and look over them in detail.
I miss that! So this year I wanted to send out a little something sweet for each of my close friends.
So I decided to make valentines day cards.
I literally made them up in my head as I walked through the Paper Source Store.
I knew I wanted to develop my instagram photos and incorporate them with glitter and stamps.
The rest was easy! Well you can see it for your self!
Most of the material I bought from paper-source.
I cant wait to send them out next week!
Happy February!


Sierra said...

This is so creative!! I love this. I may need to steal it :)

Gloria said...

Cannot wait to get one! (:
You are so creative sis.


Kerri said...

Those are ADORABLE!! Ah I can't wait to get out of grad school so I have time once again to do crafts. These look lovely!

Catherine said...

These cards are precious! I love the stamps and how you incorporated instagram pictures. I will definitely will be adding these to my to-do list!

James 4:8

Gretchen Black said...

These are adorable, thanks for sharing!

Kendra Pahukoa said...

hi olga!
wow, you made that? very cool, i think i may need some of that martha stewart glitter!
i wanted to say thanks so much for following my blog, im following back and returning the love :)
i just caught a glimpse of your polka dot tights in the last post, gonna go read now!
have a great day, it's almost friday!!! yay

The Little Flapper said...

These Valentine's Day Cards are the cutest. You have pieced them together so beautifully!

Lauren said...

Love your creative talents! The mini clothespin is so cute to use as a way to attach the photo to the card! And using a simple paper bag as the envelope~

Victoria said...

These are great, Olga! I pinned it :) I am so excited to make some pretty cards for all occasions, not just vday :) Thanks for the inspiration! Your blog is so beautiful!


victoria gates said...

I absolutely love the deer card!! Definitely keeping this in mind for V-Day 2014!

Thanks so much for sharing! :)

xo, Vic

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