February 20, 2013

Television Style Crush

//photos found via pinterest & google sites//
Lemon Breeland is one of the most unique characters on television, and one of my favorite style crushes from CW's Hart of Dixie show. Lemon is all about looking pretty while hiding a great mind and a preppy attitude. She's a bit controlling, closed-minded and selfish but very vulnerable. Lemon can be very stubborn, but she knows how to get things done. Most of all, she's about presenting her self image as a sweet, "Southern Belle". Lemon's style is a direct reflection on her love for tradition, her need to always be her best and the desire to be seen as a role model and a woman who cherishes the values of her Southern culture.  Her style is very feminine, 50's glam with a classically southern twist. With her perfectly put together hairstyles and dramatic make up her wardrobe includes:
  • Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Cardigans
  • Shoes:  Strappy sandles, flats,vintage heels
  • Hair accessories: Hair pins, combs, flowers, bows, head bands
  • Chunky Jewelry: Pearls, diamonds, flowers, watches, bracelets, rings
  • Matching clutch or handbag

 This is why I love her because she dresses like a delicate lady. She's very feminine and loves to play up her Southern charm while prancing around in modest floral tops and frilly dresses. And to be quite honest, I believe television needs plenty more southern blue belles.  I simply love "dress up" movies where characters can really dress up in "vintage pretty" clothing. And now to have a television show where I can be inspired is just amazing! I'm such a girly girl when it comes to fashion. So excited for what Lemon Breeland will wear next.

What do you think?!

I want to hear your thoughts. Are you a fan of Hart of Dixie and the trendy styles on the show? 
Which look is your favorite?


Anya Rudn said...

Ahhh Love her & her Style! I Look forward to every show!! I wish i could jump into their little town and just live there hehe..

Im glad you posted her, Love!!

Tereza said...

wow such beautiful clothes, I just LOVE this style.

Ana said...

I love that show! Her clothes are always pretty!

Selene said...

she's perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

She's a great fashion Icon. I also love the fashion from Madmen. Are you familiar with the show? Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Kerri said...

Oh my goodness, i LOVE that show! And I especially love Lemon's style!! I love how feminine, classy, and elegant everything is :)