February 18, 2013

xoxo valentines party

What a great night this was!
My sister in law Jenny & I put our hearts, minds & a little creativity and made one valentines night a memorable one, and hopefully never forgotten.
Thank you Jenny & Roman for letting us use their perfect condo right in the heart of Pearl district in Portland, the most ideal place to fit 6 couples, our close friends.
A lot of the decorations you see were all handmade by Jenny & I.
The arrows, the envelope wall, the photo booth backdrop, desserts, flower arrangements, favors, & garlands. Lots of ideas came from Pinterest. So Thanks to Pinterest!
I was so pleased with how everything turned out.
My favorite area was the Love Note Area. When Jenny found the cute little pink mail box, she brought the idea to my attention that every couple can write a note to whoever they want and place it inside therefore, at the end of the party we passed out the letters to who they were addressed too and got to take them home to read. So sweet and thoughtful.
Of course the photo booth area was a lot of fun using my Polaroid camera.
Every couple also brought their wedding photo I thought would be really sweet to use as part of the decor.
A special thanks to all my friends who brought a sweet made dessert and for coming out to celebrate this special LOVE day. We played a lot of games and listened to love music and ate delicious food.
The xoxo cake was made by Lilly she is an amazing baker of whom I've ordered all my party cakes from- Numai Dulce Bakery. She is so talented! And yes the cake tastes just as good as it looks!
Thank you to my valentine(dearest Edward) who is really special to me.
And remember..
All you need is LOVE.
love. love.love.


Calvin said...

Beautiful pics.

AlinaLoves said...

Oh my goodness, it definitely looked amazing! Such a great way to decorate a party - I love all the details, the colours (not sickly sweet red and pink!), the cakes, the little notes. You can definitely be proud of yourself and how it all turned out! Can I come to your next party, please? :)

Ana said...

How fun! it looks like you gals put a lot of work into the party! It looks great!

A+J said...

This is the cutest party I have ever seen. Love it!!

Justine said...

Everything is SO gorgeous, but I think my favorite element of your party was the ombré cake. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful details in this party. Your very creative, I love your outfit too, So Chic!

Tereza said...

Everything looks so good, the treats, decorations are all just beautiful!!! Looks like you had a great Valentines :)

Yana said...

So pretty. I adore all the DIY details. Good work!

olviya@servingsisters.com said...

So many cute ideas! Love all the sweet treats. Yum!

Kira said...

So fun, I love the arrows!

özge bayrak said...

You are a perfect mom and wife as i see! Also a creative pretty woman!

Gloria said...

Turned out so good sis!
Looks like y'all had fun. (:


Toots said...

Looks so lovely. Great inspiration for valentine's day next year. Love the cake! I have been desperate to get the polaroid camera for 2 years now...think I might have to just bite the bullet and go get it now:)

Petra said...

Wow everything looks so pretty, lovely and beautiful. I think you had a really amazing valentine's day. Adorable pictures.
xo, Petra