March 29, 2013

DIY // Plates on the wall

 Two main matierals: hot glue/metal paper clip
Adorable Polka-dot tea towel that I recenently got from Urban Nester.
Its been awhile since I've done any posts about my kitchen. Maybe because I spring cleaned it recently and put fresh yellow blossom in the middle made me want to whip out the camera and shoot some photos while the kitchen was clean. Trust me it is never like this. Only for a short while and then back to being messy.. with a toddler and a baby, plastic colorful things are everywhere. Especially around the kitchen Island. Its where we hang out the most. But I try my best to keep it semi crispy clean. Something about a clean kitchen makes me happy. And I'm sure many mothers can relate as well.
I hung up my vintage/anthropologie collection of plates last summer and forgot to post about it! I know I know! its crazy how long its been! Many folks have asked me how I hung them up? So I finally took some photos and decided to blog about them! All you need is some hot glue and metal paper clips. Make sure the are metal, the plastic ones will not work! I tried and the glue melts them. Those are the two main materials you really need! If your not afraid to put holes in the wall (like myself) I knew once these plates were going up they will stay up, so I wasn't afraid to put a screw in the wall. But there are other alternatives such as command strips or so I heard and read on other blogs, but honestly, they didn't work for me because of the heavy texture on my wall, I think. Perhaps if you have smooth walls they will work for you and then you wont need to ruin your wall by making a hole to it. Once you lay out how you want to display the plates on your table you just sorta work from there. You can even mark on the wall where you want to hang them up.
 Its very simple and easy! That's it! They have been hanging up for almost 8 months now and not one has fallen. So the hot glue on a porcelain and glass plate really works!
Kitchen Details //
 I started collecting tea pots a little while ago and am in love with the ones I currently own. Most of the tea pots are vintage but three were gifted on my 25th birthday from my dear friends.
Do I wish to collect more? Oh yes you betcha! ;) Where will I store them.. Trust me, I'll find room. 
 I have a fetish for vintage pretty details especially when it comes to my kitchen. Once I go antique shopping my eye spots these things, like the vintage cook books, cake stands and old glass bottles. Currently displayed on top of my fridge. Oh I just simply adore vintage elements mixed with traditional and modern pieces. Its so eclecic yet homey cozy feeling. It's where the heart is.
From my home to yours~
Whats your favorite part about your Kitchen?


Suresh A said...

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Suresh A said...

Thanking you for this blog owner i will visit again

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My name is Rita said...

Wow, i cant believe they hold on by a paper clip. Awesome. I love your teapot collection. I am having a linky party on SUnday (starts on sat 6pm) I would love for you to share this.

Anya Rudn said...

Obsessed with your kitchen.. Its perfection my dear! Def an inspiration for our new home, I love it!
Teapot collection, Tea cup collection.. All so much fun!!

Wow love the paperclip idea... I bought some of the special plate holders but i don't like that u can see the 4 little hooks on the plate when you hang them.. this is a much better idea!


Susannah said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous!! Definitely inspirational to get decorating. :-)

Tereza said...

WOW I am in LOVE with your kitchen, so beautiful!!

Rachael said...

Teapots and cake plates oh my! I am so incredibly jealous of your teapot collection. Your kitchen flows seamlessly, has perfect vintage touches to correspond with the distressed pieces. Love love!

x Rachael

Anonymous said...

My favorite part about my kitchen is the counter space. I get to store the gadgets/utensils I use daily within easy reach.

Your kitchen is darling! I love all the gorgeous teapots. Thanks for the tutorial. I definitely thought it was harder than you explained it to be.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful kitchen! And such adorable decor.

Tündéri Lonka said...

I adore your kitchen!