March 1, 2013

Happy March

Its March Already?! Can you believe it?!
I wanted to start the month with a little DIY project.
So sad unfortunately I accidentally deleted the before pictures of the tray and the steps. Oops.
But I have the after photos at least. I was inspired by Suzannah's DIY post.
The Tray used to be brown and worn out. I thought it would be great to turn in into a little something more pretty.
 With a little tape and the magic of spray paint I turned it into a striped colored block tray. 
//For the Decoration//
Add a few vintage books, tea cup and fresh tulips.
You can create this simple look just about anywhere!
//The other set up on my console table//
Novel books from anthropologie  that were gifted on my birthday from my sweet sister.
I just love them and they make great decor for spring! The color prints are just beautiful!
A vintage gold frame.
vintage scrabble wording. You can spell out Spring as well.
Another bunch of fresh tulips.
I love tulips in the spring time, I have them through out my home.
A glass candle holder and a wooden bird.
Oh the birds..the soothing chirping and singing.. I can hear them outside my window already.
Happy March everyone!


gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

very good post

Karin said...

I love it! You are so creative! I have a brown tray that could use some sprucing up!

Ana said...

Love it! Looks like it came straight from magazine's page! :)

Happy weekend!

Rachael said...

So fresh! I'm lovin your tray-scaping (if that's even a term?), looks full but not cluttered! Great job :)

xo Rachael

Jordan Jenks said...

So lovely! I adore all of the sweet little details of your home - so special.

Victoria said...

February just flew by, didn't it?! You did a great job on the tray! It looks lovely! I love all your decor - so sweet and gorgeous.

Have a beautiful weekend, Olga!


Dragon Ball Z Kai Games said...

damn thats really really cute aye :
i really likie

Indian Recipes said...

These flowers are so beautiful.

Best Deals On The Net said...

Love your photography. So lovely pictures. :)

vickichristine said...

love that scrabble idea! ill have to steal that one. ;)

Anya Rudn said...

Perfect i love it!
Where is your couch from? Its the perfect size for a family room.


StaceyV said...

I Love the coffee table trunk- looking for the exact same thing!
I am searching everywhere and came across this picture in Pintrest- where did you buy it? or was it a DIY?