May 17, 2013

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I like to mix and match two piece suites with different brands.

Ive been asked by so many of my followers via instagram where are my swim suites from?!
Well I've decided to share them with you now.
1.yellow - Target
2. purple - Gap
3/ 4/  9 - I bought this suite last summer at a boutique in Maui but the brand is
 L Space Swimwear and it looks like they have a really cute collection online!
5. teal heart bottom - modcloth
6. stripes bottom - macys, years ago..
7. pink bottom-Becca
8. yellow print- H&M

I appreciate every ones questions, likes and compliments on my physique.
I've been asked numerous times on what I do to stay so fit especially after having two kids?!!
First and foremost growing up I was always on the slim/skinny side. hate me now, I know, I'm sorry but thanks to my parents and their awesome genes. I'm truly forever grateful and am just blessed in that area. But don't get be wrong, growing up I've had my share of insecurities and self doubt and finding things to wear that will be flattering on my body just as any one of your girls. Especially after having a baby! Its in our nature to point out the flaws in our body's first and wish for this and that second. Believe me I'm not perfect, I have flaws and wishes just like everyone else. How we appear on the outside is not as important as how we reflect our inside. But I do believe that when a woman is confident in her self image, otherwise she wouldn't be posting photos of herself in a bikini for the world to see. Then that already says she is happy and content in her physical appearance. (Speaking of myself here) And honestly I'm not showing off by all means.
I'm just confident and blessed and quite proud of myself to be a 25 year old mother of two boys and still can enjoy life to the fullest in a bikini!
 I had my boys at a young age. My first at 21 and second at 24. So loosing that pregnancy weight and bouncing back to my normal self took some effort and toning but happened fairly quickly.
Now I'm not saying go have a baby while your still young! No not at all, remember Ive been married for 5 years already! Not everyone is in the same boat as I am. Time has changed. And there are women who are past 30 and are having babies and looking amazing! Now I'd like to know what their secret is? So Its just my opinion on having a baby at a younger age I believe will help you get back to shape quicker because your highly motivated and determined and still young and want to look great!

Whats your secret?
Haha, there is no secret. Just a girl who enjoys sports and working out.
I love to do cycling, running, lifting weights & hot yoga 
Growing up middle/high school I played volleyball and was in track.

How do I manage to fit it in my busy schedule?
Umm..good question, I try to work out at least 3 times a week.
In the mornings when I take my son to preschool or sometimes evenings when I can get a sitter for a couple hours while I hit the gym. I like to take classes with friends because it makes time fly by fast and we spot each other. Meaning we take turns doing crunches and lifting weights.

Whats your diet consist of?
Besides the physical work out, I consider your daily diet very important. (You Are What you Eat)
I try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. I'm really big on fruits and vegetables so I know I'm getting those nutrients and fiber daily. Being a month on this tropical Island you're surrounded by fresh papayas, mango's, coconuts, bananas, avocados and so on! So eat lots of fruits!!
I also enjoy juicing a lot. I think that's what helped me stay focused. I would juice every morning and then feel a lot of energy through out the day. Juicing is pretty cool and I think everyone should try it.
Otherwise I eat pretty much anything and everything! I love to try new foods all the time. I enjoy cooking new meals and I get fairy spoiled by my mama who brings us Russian meals all the time.
Also living in the urban city we like to call Portland, its hard not to eat out a lot. There are so many awesome restaurants with delicious food to try.
I think I eat a little but frequently..always snacking on some thing, like an apple, or cheese & crackers with good jams. Love Tea of course. I drink it every day.

Hope I answered all of your questions! Thanks again for following and for leaving me blushing by the end. I'm very grateful to have such an awesome fan feed and I love receiving questions. If you have any please email me at:


Eve said...

Love to see that not only are you focused on staying healthy through exercise routines, but through diet!! Not enough people are willing to change their *life* not just their exercise module, and too many think eating healthy means no *good* food. Total BS!!

Also love to see your honesty about your body type, age, and routine instead of sugar-coating and giving steps to get there. So refreshing!

I am going to point out that you say it's "in our nature" as women to point out our flaws. I disagree. This is saying that it's natural for us to be insecure about our bodies, looks, etc. and is unnatural to feel otherwise. Society has cultivated this, we are not born with it.

Anonymous said...

thank u for sharing that!!!!!!!!!

katie ridings said...

loving that polka dot one :)

Ana21 said...

Would u please give few recipes that u liked and were good of juicing? Thank u!

Asif ali said...

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Tabet said...

a great post and beautiful pictures.
I love the swimming suits.

Anonymous said...

Yes Olga share some of your juicing recipes with us. There are so many I would love to the ones you used and would recommend. thanks you are such a cuttie