June 18, 2013

motherhood //

top: Nordstrom rack | belt & bracelet: j-crew | skirt: target | floral wedges: Nordstrom rack
In my eyes when I think of motherhood, being a stay at home mom, living day to day sacrificing your life for your children, I think of Inessa. This petite hot thirty year old is a mother to 3 tiny stitches. Can you believe she is a mother of 3 kids? Doesn't she look amazing? I know I know! She is a strong woman, loves her 3 kids more than anything! She gives them constant attention and sacrifices daily for them. Parenting is often about making sacrifices for your child. Suddenly, this little life comes into your world and all the things you want for your self become meaningless compared to what you want for your child. Eventually though, the habit of making self-sacrifices for your child becomes routine and you do it without thinking.
She is a super woman! She does everything! She not only redecorated her lovely home, painted all the rooms, repainted her daughters bedroom furniture, she's an impeccable artist and she sewed all her curtains! She is one amazing cook and makes the best coffee! Serves breakfast in bed, and had a zoo of animals through out her life in her home.
 I mean the list can go on and on.. How does she do it I ask her?! With Gods strength.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."// Philippians 4:13

I learn a lot from her and was very happy to have spent a week in her humble home with her hospitality and three cute little ones. God Bless You sweetheart and your family!
You can follow her on instagram at : 3tinystitches

boys in the back being boys..while I'm playing with my Ethan and Veronica is sitting ever so sweetly next to me. Shes such a sweet little four year old.
Poor Zeek scraped his knee up. =(
Its not the first time and defiantly not the last.
Still managed to get a photo of him smiling!
"I scream, You scream, We all scream for ice-cream!!"

(Saltwater Sandals on all the kids) // Cutest ever.

Let me begin by telling you that I had the most amazing time in Sacramento, California visiting family for a week with my two boys. On this fine warm day we took the kids to the Sacramento Zoo.
We saw tigers, lions, monkeys, giraffes, kangaroos. It was so much fun! With of course some winy crying toddlers and screamers for ice cream and my three year old who is such a clumsy runner always falls on his poor knees, made a boo boo.  The day ended at a beautiful park right across the zoo where we saw squirrels and ducks and Inessa captured some beautiful memories of me simply enjoying my time as a mother with my little boys. The day couldn't have gone any better.
Thank you for all those who follow me on instagram and for all of your comments! I appreciate it!

I'm feeling Blessed beyond measure right about now//
Enoying summer and time outside with my boys and learning about motherhood every step of the way..for there are hard times, challenges, and amidst all the craziness' there is joy and happiness.


Jennelise said...

Beautiful photos! You look fabulous by the way! :)

Tereza said...

no way I love how all of you have matching sandals, too cute!

Gold On Runescape said...

absolutely no way I love precisely how almost everyone have complementing flip flops, also pretty! xo Stunning pictures! You appear fabulous by the way! :)

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Tanya said...

Love your thoughts on motherhood. It is definitely all about sacrifices when you become a parent, and the kids become priority number one. Lovely outfit, by the way.