June 24, 2013

Pretty White Brick \\



Lately I've been on pinterest - pinning for the home and Houzz website finding inspirational photos to incorporate into our new home that we started to build a few months back.
I'm a little bit obsessed lately with the white brick and want to add it into our home! As you can see there are several cool ways to add brick. So I have to decide where it will look best.
Its white, crisp, clean, has a rustic old feel to it and yet cozy.
We are beyond thrilled in starting to build our "dream home". A lot of work ahead of us! So please forgive my absence of not blogging so much. Just have a lot going on right now and my attention and time is needed else where. But I will try to blog at least twice a week at the most. Thank you for being so supportive and checking back here! You're awesome! Have a Blessed Week ahead!


Kerrin Chance said...

oh my gosh, i love white brick! Living in Phoenix, there isn't much brick anything so finding a home with brick walls like that is near impossible! you can buy faux brick wall panels at home depot or wherever and then paint them white at it'll give the wall the same effect. i was thinking about doing that in the home i buy! :D just an idea!

xoxo kerri

Kira said...

Fun, I would love to incorporate a brick wall into my house if I had the chance!

Katie said...

I've never thought much about white brick but I adore it in these photos. Such a pretty feature!

Anonymous said...


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Exciting, I'd personally want to include a stone wall structure straight into my house easily had the risk!

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bailey said...

I think it looks amazing. I'm not sure I would have had the patience that you had though!