July 30, 2013

six years flew by //

dress: urban outfitters | shoes: shoemint | necklace: Nordstrom | bracelet: j-crew/vintage
Hello there!!
I'm so behind in my posts! I know!
What can I say..its been one busy traveling summer!!
From Shasta to Bahamas to California // (excited to post our adventures)
This outfit I wore was on our six year anniversary date night on July 8, 2013.
It was a perfect night.
We went to a nice dinner, salt & straw ice cream for dessert, snuck into a beautiful view terrace overlooking downtown, enjoyed the sunset. Ended our night with a movie.
 It felt like we were dating again! It was a great night, one to remember.
I'm blessed beyond measure to be a wife to this wonderful man.
Edward is my best friend, my goofball, the father to my children, my rock.
Looking forward in spending many more years together ♥ 



Mimma Carbone ♥ said...

Nice pics, great outfit!


MACY said...

awww..these days i just want to read about positive things.. and this post is absolutely one of them! stay happy!

Melanie Heyns said...

Beautiful photos, I love the shoes.

Mel's Corner

G-spot Vibrator said...

awww..nowadays among the finest to learn concerning positive items.. and also this publish is utterly one! maintain a positive attitude! Masturbators

Anonymous said...

This is The Most Hottest seven seconds I've seen. You are Gute, Beautiful and Hot.
Best Regards Elenna "Aunt from Finland"

Anonymous said...

I like You :)

"aunt from finland"