July 2, 2013

Toots //

   Shirt: Forever21 | Pants: Trifted | Shoes: Nordstrom-Trouve | Jewelry: H&M | Bag: Sam Adelman

This hottie friend of mine "Toots" knows how to put an outfit together quite well. I asked how would she describe her style? She answered>> Eclectic with touches of classy, vintage and bohemian at times.  She is the person to take with you while going thrift shopping. She always has an eye for those pretty vintage pieces and could dress you up from head to toe. I always have a fantastic time with this doll. >>> Natasha your awesome. so glad to have a friend like you. Love you sweets! ♥ 


Bri Rios said...

Your friend is gorgeous! Very reminiscent of Camilla Belle :)


Katie said...

love those pants.

Tiffany Ima said...

Loving these pants! I love when you find things like that at the thrift store :)

Lara Tura said...

boho, vintage, gorgeous. Love the look - casual but still classy.