August 3, 2013

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Top: Anthropologie | Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Purse: Vintage | Bracelets: Vintage/Antro | Heels: Vintage
This was probably the coolest wall I have bumped into at our downtown Portland street.
I'm always on the hunt for epic walls to pose in front of but when I spotted this one I instantly fell in love. I mean what's not to love, the white exposed brick, the different paint colors scattered. I thought it was so cool! My outfit sort of matched it as well, which I thought was radical!
When I'm on the rush and have no time to put an outfit together which happens pretty often, I realize that it sometimes turns to be my most favorites of outfits. I literally didn't think much when I was in my closet. I turned this silky blouse witch came with the black big bow attached to the hip and simply paired it with this pocket skirt and it turned into a mix patterned dress, or so everyone thought! One of my less thought out outfits turned into a huge instagram crush. Who knew?!
Thank you for all your dear likes & comments!
Be Blessed.


Ladies in Navy said...

gorgeous outfit and i am so with you on that wall! i am also living (and blogging) in portland! on the hunt for some walls myself
kw ladies in navy

Nikki said...

Love this cute outfit Olga :) You look absolutely stunning! I wish we had more colored walls i my hometown, but my whole country is basically build out of bricks! Plain old boring orange bricks. Bleh! xo

Elle Vee said...

Great outfit... And you are right, epic wall! :)

Denise Pacurar said...

You are gorgeous!!!! Love this look on you! Prettiest mama I know <3

Danisa Flowers said...

Don't be surprised. A woman as pretty as you are can pull off any outfit. And, yes, that outfit's gorgeous and so is the backdrop. Awesome!

brittany said...


Melanie Heyns said...

Such a beautiful outfit, lookd amazing!

Mel's Corner

Leanne Van Breda said...

Those shoes are so beautiful!!! I love your sense of style.

Love from South Africa

Arum Lilea

Tanya Dempsey said...

So pretty! These prints are perfect together.

Tanya xx

November Grey

Denisa said...

Just discovered your blog and I am absolutely in love, had to follow! You've got an amazing style and I love the vintage inspired flare.

milje andse said...

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Pocket Egg said...

You gaze definitely beautiful! I wish we'd a lot more tinted wall space my spouse and i my own home town, but my personal complete land is basically build from bricks! Plain old dull fruit timbers Female Vibrators

Leanne Van Breda said...

A skirt with pockets is always handy! You look gorgeous!!!

Love from South Africa

Arum Lilea