August 23, 2013

Paper Airplane First Birthday //

From a baby to now a toddler, time flies! No kidding! It really does.. and we ask ourselves, where did all that time go? We see it especially in the lives of our children as they reach their first milestones.
Born August 13, 2012 >>> Ethan Oliver came into our world and it became more colorful, more fun and precious all the more. What a great miracle he is. Ethan wakes up with a smile on his face every single day. He's such a little cuddle bug. He adores to be held and played with. Just give him a little attention and he will melt in your eyes. My baby, we wish you a new & exciting year ahead as you transition into a season of exploring & discovering. May our Lord guide in your every step and protect you. We love you! Happy first Birthday little E!!

About his party //
I really fell in love with paper airplanes, so my inspiration came from there alone. I wanted white and only one type of fold. I did a little research and put my creativity and this party came together in no time! It was a great success! With family & friends gathered in our very own backyard on a warm summer day we celebrated Ethan with love and adoration!

Sources // 
Photography: Inspired by Liana
Backdrop: brown wrapping paper /  various sizes white construction paper airplanes all hand made.
Big Balloons: Shop Sweet Lulu
High Chair: bloom baby
Details: Vintage pieces through out >> kids chairs, frames, furniture
Table covers: Home Goods
Brown favor bags: Target
Ethan's Outfit: gray paper airplane onesie | cloud leggings | blue paper airplane onesie | moccasins
Mom's Top | paper airplane heart t-shirt

Gratitude //
A very special thank you to my wonderful sister-in law Jenny for helping me with the backdrop!
For Victoria my babysitter for helping me make the paper airplanes.
Liana for capturing every detail!! For all guests who came!! God Bless You!! ♥

*If you decide to take any photos please be sure to credit them back to me Vintage Pretty & Liana


Tereza said...

WOW this is so adorable, you are one amazing muma!!!
Looks like such a great party and fun time :) Happy Birthday to your little man!

Suzannah Hamlin Stanley said...

What a beautiful party!! So pretty theme and decor, and all the cute babies don't hurt! ;) Looks so perfect for your style, too. Happy birthday to your little guy!

Jenni Bost said...

Such a beautiful party! Loved every little detail— especially the "Time Flies!"

Jade Rose Blog said...

This is incredibly beautiful and I really wish I would have hired you to decorate our wedding!!!! And everything else :) And happy birthday to your cutie pie!!!

Anonymous said...


Vibrating Egg said...

Incredible this can be so adorable, you're a single wonderful muma!!!
Looks like a real excellent social gathering and also fun moment :) Pleased Bday on your minor person! Vibrators

Justine said...

What a beautiful party! I am in love with the paper airplanes, so adorable! Looks like he had a great time!


Great idea the choice of planes. I love them on the wall.
PS. how did you get them to stay up?
Lovely photoes
bye bye Francesca

Erica said...

Now THAT is a cake smash!! So adorable. I would have loved for my baby to get that into his cake, the photos are priceless!!

Tanya Dempsey said...

OH, what a sweet, sweet birthday theme!! I absolutely love it! So perfect. My darling boy just had his first birthday party too. We celebrated with a Mustache Bash. You are right, time FLIES. I can't believe it.

You are a precious mama and have a gorgeous family. Good job!

Tanya xx

November Grey - בלוג אופנה ישראלי said...

Amazing Pic's and amazing birthday! You are a good Mama :)

Kersey Jimenez said...

Can you share how you made the airplanes? I been looking and there so many variation of paper airplanes but nothing like yours ;)

Miri said...

Thank you so much for featuring my blue paper airplane onesie :)
Your blog is wonderful, and the party look amazing
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Jill said...


I just found your blog through pinterest. I'm also doing a paper airplane theme birthday for my son. You did such a beautiful job! I love all the details, so so sweet! I was wondering if you could tell me which paper airplane template you ended up using? I haven't been able to find one similar and I love how yours turned out! Thanks so much for your help. Amazing work, time sure does fly:)!

kate said...

Would also love to know how you how you folded these airplanes! Doing a similar theme for my son's upcoming 1st birthday and these are the cutest! Love all the little details you incorporated :)

Lindy said...

I am curious, like the others how 1. You folded the planes (I've tried many folds and can't figure this one out) 2. Stuck them to the wall. I would LOVE to know how! I have an airplane them in my son's room and was thinking of doing this for one of the walls. Thank you!