September 22, 2013

a secret garden story

Photography: Inspired by Liana
What an enchanting, breathtaking, enjoyable experience this was!
I desired to do a photo shoot with my baby sister for her eighteenth birthday and I'm so happy that we made it happen! With seven in a half year difference in age, we are a lot alike and yet so very different. I awaited to freeze this memory in time so we will always look back and remember our story of two sisters one at twenty five and the other at eighteen.
'a secret garden story" begins with us finding each other at a tore down, abandoned old space. We dance in circles, laugh and simply embrace sisterhood, for we are so blessed beyond measure to have each other. Because I'm the older one, I take her hand and lead her through my illustration of life and therefore she can create a new story in this delightful garden. I want to set an honorable example for her that way she takes it into perspective, learns from it and builds her own future.
As she enters into adulthood countless secret doors will open.
Gloria is such a bright person. She has a dazzling personality.
She's ..Goofty, Lovable, Original, Respectable, Intelligent, Amazing!
And I'm so lucky to have her so near to me. 
My only wish for you Sis, is to never give up on your dreams.
You can achieve anything you set your mind to..
Stay.. Srong, Smart, Pure, Loyal, and always be yourself.
I love you Sis! And Wish you the Happiest Eighteenth Birthday!
Of course none of this wouldn't have happened if it weren't from the help of my gifted ever so talented sweet friends.
♥Thank you to Marina McAvoy for doing our hair & makeup //
♥Thank you Irina Gubchak for creating our floral crowns //
♥Thank you Liana for capturing this story  //
♥Thank you Glo for being my sister //
♥Thank you Free People for inspiring us //
my dress: free people | Glo's dress: vintage | shoes: diesel
Stay tuned for lookbook II.  "wildflower"


Carmen said...


Jennelise said...

Gorgeous photos! I love everything about them! What a wonderful thing to do with your sister. You are both stunningly beautiful! Thankyou for sharing :)

Ladies in Navy said...

these images are to die for. love the flower crowns
kw ladies in navy

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Anonymous said...

Love all of these photos!!!!!

mariaeli9603 said...

what breath taking photos and the hair and makeup are so gorgeous.

Leanne Van Breda said...

Most beautiful sister shoot!!! My sister and I have done one before too and I have one of the pictures framed next to my bed. There is nothing more precious than the bond you share with a sister!

Love from South Africa

Arum Lilea

Katie said...

These photos are stunning and so are you ladies! Sisters are wonderful and I am glad you got to capture such beautiful photos to keep as memories of you and your sister.