February 1, 2014

DIY // Anthro Inspired Envelopes

I wanted to start this month with a DIY Tutorial! This envelope is so fun to make and is super easy! Just follow these simple 8 steps below...

step 1 // Using the envelope stencil trace a 12x12 paper
step 2 // Cut it out
step 3 // Using a ruler draw lines to help you see where to fold
step 4 // Find an inspiring page in a Anthropologie Catalog that you would like to use as a envelope liner. Using the envelope liner stencil trace it.
step 5 // Cut it out
step 6 // Use a strong glue stick to glue the liner in the envelope
step 7 // Fold the envelope
step 8 // Glue the sides
Thats it! Told ya it was easy!

*You may get a free download envelope stencil & liner here to print at home

Also feel free to use any of your favorite catalogs. Free People, Anthropologie, J-Crew, Urban Outfitters are all free ones I get every month so theres hundreds of pages to use!

What I love about these envelopes is you can use them for any occasion through out the year!
It doesn't have to be just for valentines. I made these look more like valentine envelopes because I will be using them in my Valentines card making party next week as an example. But think of all the endless color block options you can create, wether its a birthday card, invite, thank you card, just because!
Have Fun Ladies!
Happy February♥


Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

So creative and so cute ^^ I love the idea!!

恵美より ♥

Leanne Van Breda said...

Gosh these are really beautiful. You have the most creative eye, Olga. It's really inspiring.

Love from South Africa


Anna Egger said...

SO adorable. what a fun idea!