March 22, 2014

52 Project { weeks in Maui }

Ezekiel: Flying home!
Ethan: Happy to be at home in the heart of Portland.

Ezekiel: Enjoying his last day to the fullest! Jumping into giant sand holes.
Ethan: Hanging out in a warm lagoon.

Ezekiel: Not so happy here..but still so cute.
Ethan: Curious little fella with his adorable suspenders.

Ezekiel: Giving the biggest cheesiest smile I have ever seen! Its rare when he does this!
Ethan: Little turtle playing with the sand...

Ezekiel: My handsome boy by the sunset.
Ethan: Happy as can be!

Ezekiel: color/block boy being silly..
Ethan: Rosy cheeks. Smiling always...

  "a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Ezekiel: Hiding from the camera...
Ethan: He kept chasing birds around..such a happy kid.

Here are the weeks I have missed of the 52project from our recent trip to Maui!
These are some of my favorite portraits of my little dudes. There were so many..hard to choose!
They had a wonderful time in Maui as did mommy.
I will post some more of our trip and my baby bump soon..
It feels good to be back in beautiful sunny spring weather in Oregon.
Thank you all for your sweet comments on Instagram! Means a lot to me and brings a smile to my face every time I read each and every one of your comments! Mahalo~