May 11, 2014

Little Flower Shower continues...

Little Flower of Mine

Spring has come once more
with a gentle wind in the rays of the sun.
Here stands a little flower among the country plains.
Little flower of mine, 
You’re the rose among lilies that blossoms in all its grace.

Little flower of mine
I love your radiance of red, 
and your quiet strength amid the storm.
Little flower of mine, 
inspite of wind and rain you grew and grew still.

Little flower of mine
you’re the apple of mine eye, 
you’re the flower that never dies.
Little flower of mine, 
You’re my inspiration and joy indeed. 


Miss Twiggy said...

This is so beautiful...and you are absolutely amazing!!!

Tereza said...

WoW what a beautiful baby shower!!!!!!!!!! everything is so pretty and you look gorgeous! for some reason your blog's not updating on my bloglovin so I haven't seen any of your posts lately and have forgotten that you aren't far behind me! I'm 38 weeks today and soooooo ready to have this baby boy ;)