May 6, 2014

snapshots // 52 project


Last weekend we went to this beautiful park near the Columbia River with my good friend and her two sweet kids. The weather was more than perfect. Felt amazing sitting by the river.  Warm sunshine on our faces and a cool breeze past by from time to time. My kind of weather - not to hot - not to cold. Especially being 34 weeks pregnant. 
Ethan loved being by the water and getting all messy. Ezekiel made his first mud/sand ball and had a blast throwing it in the river! While I sat on the picnic blanket and observed my two little boys well..just being boys. Not a care in the world through their eyes. Twas a perfect afternoon. Felt peaceful and content. Thankful for my good friend Nadia who invited me and so grateful for our friendship. We share some good conversations and can relate and understand this wonderful life we like to call motherhood.

I love to go visit our Tulip Festival annually. Every year gets more and more exciting because my kids grow up and get to experience it differently. They ran through those fields of tulips in that wet mud and giggled so much while destroying a bunch. To see their happy faces light up was more than enough for me to take back from that day. They also each got to ride a pony. Ethan's first time, he was a little bit tired because he hadn't had his afternoon nap so he barely had much of a reaction being his first time on a pony; but Zeek was all smiles! Overall I'm so glad they got to experience this together.

My Tiny Toes at 22 months.
 Soon will not be the most tinniest in our family..
I told him to smile like his friendly Gator. 
Silly boy.

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

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Oksana Silchuk said...

You and your boys are adorable! I love all your pictures! May I ask where you purchased the gator toy?