June 5, 2014

Any day now...

Five days left! I'm due on June 9, 2014! Thats next monday! How incredible would it be to have her come on her exact due date, which is actually my mother in laws birthday! But due to my current state right now at two cm dilated and feeling contractions already but still fairly spread out and on the uncomfortable side. So who knows!
Eeeek! I'm so excited and starting to feel a little bit nervous. I know I've gave birth twice before but you sorta forget the feelings of it all becoming so serene and so soon! Welcoming our first daughter into this world. Oh the love we all feel for her already! I cant wait to hold her and nurse her and kiss her small soft cheeks. We will soon meet our little flower Eloise Pearl.
Please keep me in your prayers! For a smooth, non complicated labor and delivery.
For strength, quick recovery, wisdom and lots of patience!
Thank you so much for all your love and support!
God Bless!

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Kerrin Chance said...

Oh congrats!!! A baby Girl!! :D

Where did you get that floral dress? I love it!!!

xoxo, kerri

Andreamei said...

Your photos are beautifull! Who takes them? It's like you have a permanent photographer!

rafaela said...

Hello! I am Brazilian. I do not remember where I found your blog, but I follow a three years! Love too! You're beautiful! Your family, your children, everything is beautiful! You are my inspiration for years. I am also pregnant, and my baby arrives in October! I hope everything has gone well for you. God bless you!