July 19, 2014

Family of Five

Olga 26 | Edward 30 | Ezekiel 4 1/2 | Ethan 23 months | Eloise 1 month
July 6, 2014

>>Our Family<<

I thought my life was complete with just three boys. I was content. 
But I wasn't satisfied. Something was missing. Our little daughter was the missing piece to fill my heart. She came at just the right time when I needed her the most. I find joy and peace when I hold her. I find laughter and happiness in my two boys who rattle my world. I find love from my husband. I seek strength and wisdom every day.
I owe it all to my Heavenly Father.
I feel Blessed.


Antoinette Musik said...

These photos make my heart melt! What a gorgeous family, you are so blessed.

Antoinette xx

Nessa's World said...

Your family is perfect. Loving your family photos. xoxo

Jade Rose said...

Such a beautiful family, you can see the love in these photos :)

Jennelise said...

What a beautiful post and what a beautiful family! Congratulations on your little one - she is just lovely. :) Take care!

Californian Amber said...

Beautiful Family! Bless your Heart!

Leah said...

Oh lauds!!! Your family is perfection! And that baby is gorgeous!

Steve Finnell said...


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