August 15, 2014

{ DIY } vintage handkerchief baby mobile

I started collecting vintage handkerchiefs the moment I found out I was having a girl. Theres just something so unique and beautiful with each individual one. They are so delicate and so vintage pretty!
So I've accumulated a lot over 10 months! They were used as a pretty garland at my baby shower before but I really wanted to put them in Eloise's nursery. So I thought to make a handkerchief mobile.

Materials Needed:
-Vintage Handkerchiefs
-wired thread
-wall hook

Simply tie the hankies onto the wire string in a circle.
Next add three pieces of string.
Loop it around and thats it!

Very very easy and my little Pearl loves it!
Do you have any ideas what else can be done with them? I still have a lot! :)


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Awesome! Love the mobile! You are fantastic!