August 1, 2014

Summer Bliss

Aren't these amazing?!!

Ms talented Leah with Leah Hope Photography contacted me asking if I'll be interested to have my photos taken? Of course! I wasn't hesitant at all! If you know me, I can't say no to photography! 
I've been wanting to take some with my husband especially that we just had our 7 year anniversary. So the timing was perfect. I thought it would be adorable to include the family as well. I'm happy she captured some family photos of all of us.  
Also what a perfect place. We met at Suvie Island near the side of a road of a breathtaking wheat field and this path surrounded by hundreds of acres of farm land. It was perfect. 
A HUGE THANK YOU Leah!! Your so very sweet for making this happen!
You've captured some pretty amazing shots. 
This was a blissful evening that will never be forgotten.

Photo credit// leah hope photography
Hair & Makeup// Marina McAvoy


Huck & Oats said...

I know Leah! She shot some of our behind the scenes photos for the short film we made! She's super sweet!

xoxo, kerri

Anonymous said...

Hello Olga!
It's been a while.
So long since I've been here in fact, that you' ex had another child. Now I see a beautiful family of five.....and Ethan, Ezekiel, and Eloise are sooooooooo sweet.

Congratulations. Xo

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Anonymous said...

Spelling error ...don't know what that "ex" is all about in my comment above. Oops!