September 9, 2014

Hola from Mexico!

August 27 - September 3, 2014

Hola! I know its been like forever since I've posted anything! Everything is good, busy and just enjoying our last bits of summer before autumn hits hard here in Oregon. 
Here are some of my favorite pictures from our most recent family vacation. Most are taken from my canon 5d, & i-phone. All edited in VSCO edits with lightroom. Incase anyone wonders...

We spent a week in Punta Mita, Mexico. A small town about an hour north of Puerta Vallarta.
We had such a remarkable time! First time traveling with three children. I've gotten emails and Instagram comments all wondering how on earth do we travel with small children all under age 5?
Well..lets just say.. we had our tough moments. Not so much baby Eloise she was an angel, slept the entire time and I nursed her in between. It's the toddler Ethan who turned two years old last month, he's a bit tough cookie to handle at times.  Its not easy thats for sure! But we made it there and back, didn't loose anything except red car McQueen so I think we did alright. Lots of lots of attention. I brought coloring, stickers that kept him entrained for a while, books, i-pad, legos, snacks, his huge soft blankie, his bottle of milk, you name it, I had it! He just wouldn't fall asleep on the plane and we so wish he did. But oh well. It happens, and you have to be prepared.

As soon as we arrived to the airport after about an hour in line with customs and getting our luggage, two strollers, car seat, an hour drive in the shuttle van we finally made it to our beautiful home.
Well worth all the airport craziness! It was amazing! Spacious, surreal pool overlooking the pacific ocean. Sitting out and just hearing the ocean waves crashing against the shore. Warm breeze. At last, this is what we love and been waiting for and so much enjoy!

The first couple days was very humid, just adjusting to the extremely HOT weather was a bit of a challenge. Apparently we came during the "off season" so its very very HUMID, I mean like drenched in sweat. Its like we came out of the sauna just being outside. But a dip in the pool or ocean took away our problem and thank God for air conditioning in our bedrooms. We also experienced come crazy rain and thunderstorms with pretty cool lighting. That was memorable to see. Oh and a lots of bugs .Not a fan. I normally don't complain when I'm on vacation but the bugs, Im talking about enormous geckos, moths, lizards and ants! Everywhere! It was a bit uncomfortable, so besides the bugs and humidity It was PERFECT! 

We got to drive around on golf carts from beach to beach and into town.
We got to eat delicious mexican food every day! Who doesn't love Mexican! 
We had this amazing villa all to ourselves with breathtaking ocean views.
Most importantly we got to spend it with dear family and friends and enjoy every minute of it! 

So thankful that we got to travel with 'mi familia'  right before summer comes to an end.
Hope you enjoyed our photos!


Create/Enjoy said...

OMG, looks like an amazing trip!! Your family are all good photographers as well as photogenic! ;)

Anonymous said...

This place looks really great! Can you tell me the name of hotel? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and your family too.!!! :-)

Tereza said...

wow looks like an amazing place:) and your little girl is just adorable!!!!!!! i'm so jealous i'm hoping I may get a little girl 3rd time around too :)