October 20, 2014

Eloise's Vintage Nursery

This is my favorite room in the house. Can you tell?!
It used to be my boys playroom and once I found out that I was pregnant with a girl I knew instantly that I wanted to convert it into a nursery. This small room is actually located inside my craft room. So to get in here you have to go directly through my craft room, its sorta hidden in the house.
Thats why the ceilings are slanted and theres only one little window. Gives it an attic or doll house feel.
I found this beautiful vintage cream lace curtain to give the room a more private entrance. Since I couldn't add a door nor did I want to, a curtain was just the perfect idea. All the furniture pieces are vintage finds. Except the teal cart, thats from ikea. I was sorta hesitant in adding it because its so modern and metal but once I did I kinda liked it. Gives it that mix match eclectic feel so I decided to keep it. And once I loaded it up with all my honest products, diapers, swaddles, burp clothes etc.. It turned out quite nice.
This little space turned out to be so girly, vintage inspired obviously just simply perfect! It has "me" written all over it. Sadly Eloise is to little to even understand and we will be moving soon but at least I'll have these photos to show her one day and tell her all the fun I had decorating it and playing in it with her. Literally she's my little doll and this is my giant doll house. =)
If you were to ask what my favorite thing about this room is, thats a tough one..hmm.. Id have to say the branch that I literally found in the forest and used fabric to hang it up. I made hangers to go with it. It was the very first thing I did in the room and I couldn't be more happier with the result. Since this room didn't have any closet space I guess I sorta created my own space. 
Looking through all these photos It might look a little cluttered but thats ok. I'm a clutter kinda gal. I love stuff. All kinds of nick-nacks and small eclectic pieces. I'm a collector of toys and pretty girly things. There's a bunch of little details I adore about this room but just to name a few.
The two water color illustration photos were gifted to me. I was pregnant with Eloise of course. They turned out so pretty so thank you to Jenny who ordered them from her cousin. I absolutely adore them!
Eloise's first tea-set was gifted by a friend and I cant wait to have a tea party with her one day.
The vintage stroller with all the stuffed toys. And I love all her little shoes.

If you have any questions regarding anything in this nursery please email me!


Alina Kotelevskiy said...

Now I know what baby heaven looks like! :) Hehe! Way too cute!


Magdi said...

What a wonderful collection of shoes ! :)

Marina K said...

Beautiful! So creative! I enjoyed all the details in your decor! She will enjoy looking through these picture once she understands! And Thank You for beaing a wonderful mama as you are!

Linda said...

Gorgeous pics of a dreamy nursery!

Anonymous said...

This is BEYOND AMAZING!!! I LOOOOOVE every single detail of this room! I wish I could have it all...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely! i just wrote about this nursery in my new italian blog

emnitu said...

What a beautiful and fun nursery! I also love all the pictures and details you capture. Do you mind sharing what camera and editing software you use? Thank you.

Tereza said...

oh what a cute little girl! and I just love her rom too :)

vitaliyab said...

Gorgeous!! SO happy I found your blog! This room inspires me!! Looks great hun! I love it!