November 11, 2014

Ethan at Play

This is my happy, giddy, all smiles, so lovable and huggable two year old Ethan.
I took these photos the day before he turned two years old on August 12, 2014.
I found him playing so quietly and nicely alone in his room so I quickly ran and grabbed my camera because I really wanted to capture these natural photos!
He's really into animals, leggos and cars of course at this age. 
He brightens up our day and I hope he brightens yours!
There's this cool photo contest and it would be awesome to win!
If you want to vote for my photos of Ethan please click here. Find these same photos of Ethan Playing and give it a thumbs up on the right corner.

Thank you much!!


EFFENSHION Chiara said...

I'm so in love with Ethan's pants!!!
adorable print!

Christine Tj said...

This is so beuatiful! Okiedokie- I just voted for you now!! *tumbs up* ^_^ I hope you can come stop by my bloggie now too!

I just did an awesome interview with Kurandza, they sell jewelry made by women in Mozambique- and through this they help pay for these womens' healthcare!

I am now following you on FB and Bloglovin'! I hope you can follow me back now too! :) I look forward to your visit!