October 27, 2015

Vintage Pretty Pearl

She's pointing at me when I was a baby.

Hello, and Happy Autumn.
It's so good to be moved and settled into our new home. What a busy, busy year and summer it's been. I'm excited to share photos of our new home and some projects soon. But in the mean time, I haven't used my camera in forever, so I finally decided to take it out and what better person to capture then my little daughter of course.

At 16 months, Eloise is curious, super sweet, funny, center of attention, shows her true colors well, when doesn't get her way or when things get taken away from her. She keeps up with her brothers and were all so blessed by her presence. To have a daughter is a special place in my heart. Its hard to describe but Im sure all the mothers with daughters can relate. Oh, and I love to use her as a prop, can't help it. She's an angelic delight, brings me joy and happiness and not to mention so photogenic.

Anyways, this little corner is currently in my bedroom,  kind of my "dress-up" area, but not really. I only keep my perfumes that I actually use, otherwise its more staged. I love the natural sunlight peeping in, with fresh autumn blooms and some other girly items, all that was missing was my little Pearl.
I brought out her cute chair, and gave her some fun things to play with and just watched her act so cute as a 16 month little girl would. 

Lets talk about what she's wearing. Her gorgeous gray skirt is from Eden & Faith a local Portland children's boutique that carries tons of cute clothing's. Her top and shoes are from Zara. The peach leggings are from hubble and duke. Her headband I made. Its fun dressing up a girl!

If anyone is interested and sharing some of their handmade items, Eloise would be glad to model them for you. You can email me at vintageprettyo@gmail.com for any inquires. Thank you.


Jennelise said...

What a gorgeous little "photo shoot"! She is an absolute sweetheart and I love your vintage treasures! Thankyou so much for sharing!
Jennelise xo

Alena Golubovich said...

Every imagine is beautiful. She's a darling little girl

Tanya Kani said...

Love seeing your blog posts! The photos are beautiful and Eloise is a perfect little model! Her mom has a great sense of style ;)

Sophie Veu said...

Oh my gosh! So darn adorable! Love the shoot!

Knowledge Fire said...

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