January 23, 2016

colors of christmas

( Ezekiel 6, Eloise 1, Ethan 3 on christmas morning ) 12.25.15

 Our very first christmas in our new home. It was different, it was special. It was for our children.
 I found a very Dr. Seuss inspired christmas tree from a local florist shop. I loved how skinny and small it was, not your typical full tree. I drove it home in my trunk and put it inside a vintage white basket filled with pebbled rocks that held it in place. All the ornaments were very kid friendly, wool animals, paper balls, wooden arrows and vintage brass ones. My kids decorated the tree and I wasn't worried for them to play with it while it was up. On the brick wall behind I added a couple different strings of colorful garlands, and as the christmas cards came in one by one they were added on the strings as part of the decor. I like to include the cards in my decorations every year. Thank you everyone who sent us a card. You were cherished, prayed over and loved by.
For my fireplace mantel I have an eclectic mix of decorations. A colorful fabric garland that I made years ago, the lightbulbs all burned out sadly, I should have used battery operated string instead, lesson learned. The giant round mirror, antlers, bottle brush trees, and books, are all from various antique, thrift stores. For the giant round wreath, I hand made it used everything from my backyard that I could get my hands on. As you entered the house, the smell of pines and eucalyptus leaves made it very warm and welcomed with a little jingle. 

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