February 4, 2016

[DIY] Floral Coasters

A few months ago I had the privilege to make flower arrangements and thank you favors for a friends baby shower. I enjoy working with my hands, and creating beautiful things! Its my escape place, my energy and creativity run wild. Even when it comes to flowers, I enjoy going to the florist and picking individual blooms, taking them home, laying them out and creating a bouquet.
For the Floral Coasters I found this inspiration on Pinterest and they were super easy make!
The wooden slices I found from Michaels . They have them in all sorts of sizes and are pretty affordable and you can even use your coupon too!
You'll need a printer, wax paper, botanical flower prints - Just google "Botanical Flower Clipart" and you'll find some pretty ones for free! Save them, proportion them out according to size you want them to be, and print them onto the wax paper. Gently take them out  "ink will be still wet" and cut around if need to, transport the flower wet ink side up directly on the wood slice. Using a credit card rub the print onto the wood piece. Lift up the wax paper and you'll instantly see the print transported onto the slice!
Click here to follow the steps more thoroughly.
I'm excited to make some more this month for my annual valentines day party! They not only make great coasters, but also great art for the wall.
Happy Crafting!


ralizabeth said...

i have that tutorial pinned as well and have been collecting wood slices to try my hand at making them!! yours came out so lovely. i can't wait to make them.


Kim Rose Adams said...

Very cool coasters and gorgeous pregnancy photos! Go you!

Bloom that said...

Wow these floral d├ęcor is awesome. It reminded me of my lunch party where she had something slightly similar. She prepared everything perfectly and best thing was flowers that she purchased from Flower Delivery Los Angeles. Had a great time there.