March 8, 2016

wildflower [ part 1 ]

skirt: she in  |  Photography: mia kalabina

I can't believe only now Im posting these beautiful photos nearly 6 months later!  You see, the month of June of last year was extremely busy for us. We were in the middle of moving and planning Eloise's first birthday party which I promise to show soon!  Now that were finally settled into our new home I'm looking forward to making an album not only from this incredible photo shoot  but from all the other photo shoots and birthday parties and vacations. It's one thing writing a blog post about the eventful day but to actaully develop the raw material and see it in a coffee book sitting nicely on the shelf. Is well..simply amazing! So that way we can dwell back on these memories as a family and reminisce.
My goal is to do a photo shoot with my daughter every year around her birthday. Something that will be sweet and cherished later for ever and ever…

You might not be able to tell but towards the end of the day I was ready to scratch my eyeballs out. Literally! I suffered the worst kind of summer allergies last year and it happened to be the day of my shoot. Also, the fact that we were rolling around in a bunch of long itchy grass and wearing pretty wildflower crown didn't help the allergy situtation  either, but who needs to know! Besides that - it was so much fun! Eloise behaved like a little 12 month doll. She was my favorite accessorie and stole the show! Theres plenty more photos of me and her together in [ part 2 ] of the shoot. 

Lets talk about what Eloise is wearing. A vintage skirt and tank made exclusively by Camp Hollyhock. The local designer makes some of the most unique dresses for little girls. Now you can get any of Camp Hollyhocks dresses at eden and faith online boutique, soon to be store in Clackamas! Excited to share more about her store soon!

I wanted to wear bold prints so I chose this full skirt covered in black swans. I loved it when I first saw it on a fashion blogger. I paired it with a simply loose polka dot tank that had a big black bow on the chest. The tank and black heels barely visible I borrowed from my best friend. Half of my wardrobe was boxed away at that time. So Thank God for best friends who have clothes to borrow!
To get this skirt - its on sale over at she in You can see how other girls paired it up with outfits. Cute!