September 21, 2016

black & white

Here is a small glimpse of our most recent family photo shoot we took in Maui on August 31, 2016 with the famous maui maka photography <<< She's amazing! We met up at 8 am for this session and my kids surprisingly did pretty well. Considering family sessions don't always go smoothly with wild kids running around, and I was okay with it. I wanted black & white candid shots and I got just that! We let them do what they wanted and Kristy captured their true personalities. We spend time in Maui every year and I'm so happy we were able to make this photo shoot happen. It will always be remembered. I can't wait to blow them up and frame them all on my wall. DIY project to be continued.
I'm also thinking of making a christmas card this year a little different. Not your typical autumn dressed photo shoot, those are fun and colorful, but I might create ours black and white from this shoot and add come gold font.. will see.. Who's excited for fall? Its starting to feel so much in Portland already! With the leaves turning colors and the cold winds picking up. I've been drinking tea non stop. I love this cozy time of year. Reading books, crafting, snuggling with my kids, pumpkin patch, hosting Thanks giving! So much to do and reflect and be grateful for! What are you looking forward to this Autumn?

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