September 29, 2016

Rose Garden

Its been years since I've been at the Portland Rose Garden..A couple weeks ago I went with my two youngest on a warm sunny September day.  I was mesmerized and surprised to see how beautiful this park is! Somewhere I came when I was very young with my parents and now I have the opportunity to take my children there. A place I most defiantly want to come back again and again..Just to see the different pretty roses blooming through out the year, letting my kids run around and stop and smell the roses. I was able to capture some cute photos of my Ethan & Eloise splashing in the water fountain, playing ring-ring-a-round-a-rosie, looking at bees and to our surprise a really chubby squirrel ate peanuts from their hands. It was such a special day. Roses are delicate , and represent beauty and love. They offer beauty enchanting benefits. The iconic flower does wonders to the skin! I will write a next blog post about what favorite rose products I use and how you can dry roses for a little vintage touch.


Cátia Rodrigues said...

So beautiful! Love those pictures x

Mia said...

How pretty!

Carolina Flores said...

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