October 24, 2016

milk & honey baby shower

Here are some pretty details from my sister in laws baby shower!

Backyard, green inviting & rustic.

The huge table (we had built from recycled wood) To it we added ikea folding chairs.
String of lights to set the ambience.  ( we had to mix cement to hold the long wood stumps for the string of lights to be hung) This was time consuming but at the end it turned out so beautiful!
I found the idea from home depot website. Check it out here.

On the Table:
Crate & Barrel white dinner & dessert plates. They are perfect for keeping it simple and clean and they are super cute! A variety of vintage glasses. We used emerald green, amber and white.
Knife & Fork from World Market cost plus.
Small honey jars as thank you party favors from Bee Way Honey. My pops a bee keeper.
Flowers from a walk outdoors in my neighborhood. They were free.
I had to buy a few succulents to plant in some of the milk glass containers to add some texture and sizes. Over all everything turned out breath-taking!

Jenny picked out the cute theme. >>milk & honey<<

The definition of "milk and honey"  is used as a metaphor meaning all good things — A Land Flowing with milk and honey. God's blessings; and that the Promised Land must have been a land of extraordinary fertility.

For this theme the general idea was to use everything and as much as "milk glass"
bottles, vases, containers, anything we can get our hands on that was white like "milk" we started collecting milk glass vases from the thrift/goodwill stores. Over time we had a lot and it was fun to use them as the main decor.

I made this all out of wool yarn. It now hangs as a curtain in my loft room. I love it so much.
My friend Irina is super talented in the flower department and added the fresh green branches

Thank you friends who helped turn this dream into a beautiful celebration of life for our dear Jenny and her son Adin. I hope some of these ideas help you with your party decorations!
Thank you Marina McAvoy for taking all these beautiful pictures!
Much Love,


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Maria said...

Your blog is just beautiful! I found it searching for ideas for my daughter-in-law's "little pumpkin" baby shower. Thank you for all the time you take to share your lovely ideas and beautiful photos with us! God bless you and your family. ~ Maria