November 6, 2016

eclectic bathroom necessities

Hey lovelies,
I wanted to share a little glimpse of my master bathroom.
Its clean and staged this week and trust me it won't stay this way for long. Stuff gets clumped on top during the week as we forget to put products away in the drawers, but working on becoming more clean. I've always admired a well kept clean bathroom. With just the pretty necessities exposed.
Here are the details in mine:

  • "All of me loves all of you" framed quote from home goods. Because this is mine and my husbands shared space we often times get ready together so I love this quote and we both love the song of course.
  • Brass antique Tray to hold all your things
  • Classic glass apothecarty jar - perfect for cotton balls, soaps, bath salt, etc.. You can find these jars just about anywhere. Home goods, target, pottery barn, amazon
  • Wooden scoop - etsy, amazon, sur la table
  • Dainty vintage crystal vase for the q-tips. 
  • Anthropology candle- A must! The entire bathroom smells amazing.
  • Brush and hand mirror, I like to display mine because they are so pretty.
  • Vintage Soap tub dish with rose good soap
  • Little deer white jar with more cotton - newest buy from new seasons. they also have a fox. 
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers! A must for me, I get ready every day in my bathroom, I bathe in my tub so fresh blooms are a must! This gorgeous bouquet was gifted by my dearest husband. So sweet and thoughtful of him. I love a surprised bouquet. makes me feel really special.
It doesn't take much to make your bathroom pretty! Hope some of these tips helped you! Remember you can make your personal space unique, so don't be afraid to display what matters importantly to you. 


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