May 23, 2011

a little boys room...

Take a glimpse at my son Ezekiel's nursery.
It started out rather bare..when I did an earlier post about it here
But now 18 months later..
I've collected a few more cute items along the way..
  • The frame of this boy holding flowers behind him was a vintage find at an Antique store. I fell in love with it! And it matched so well in his room!
  • The orange light, is a scensy. For those who dont know what that is, its something that makes the room smell good, and it works as a great night light!
  • The stacked wooden elephants were a gift from his auntie.
  • The stroller was another vintage find
I have a small obsession with the letter E. (as you can tell)
I'm still collecting more..
This is me at 7 months prego.. My friend Darya took these photos..more found on her photography blog here scroll all the way down to see mine.

I love this vintage bike! Its so adorable.
I made the little bird house.
Memories will last forever~
.Little Mans Closet.
  • Newest addition was this vintage frame of this little boy praying on his knees. Isnt it sweet?
  • Handmade wooden cars were a gift.
Vintage Toys that I found.
  • Another wooden giraffe toy..vintage find
  • Dr Seuss toy from target, one of my favorite authors.

Little Zeek at 18 months
Gosh where does all the time fly by!

Right now my life is full of toys, laughter, hugs & kisses..
Happy New Week~


Tereza Anton said...

WOW! His room is amazing. You are such a cool mom.

I am Megan said...

You are very organised! I love the little bicycle, so cute!

Leah Herrick said...

Hi Pearl. My name is Leah Herrick. I've been loving your blog so much! Can I just say your little boy is the cutest thing! This nursery is sooo charming.

LeSimple said...

so sweet!

Crystal said...

totally charming.

sherri lynn said...

This room is wonderful! I love all the Es, and the vintage bike! And that picture of you pregnant is radiant :)

Denise Pacurar said...

Thanks for sharing! Too cute! :)You are so creative and I can tell you put lots of thought and love into his room. Very sweet!

xoxo Denise

Stephanie said...

ADORABLE! What a great place for a little boy!

two birds said...

such a sweet room. i love all the little details! those stacked wooden elephants are amazing. i love anything with elephants.

Michelle said...

His room is so cute and creative! I love those stacked elephants and I have an obsession with vintage bikes so I love that too. :-) And you look gorgeous 7 months pregnant!

Anya Rudn said...

Love it dear!
Very cutely put together! =)


love what you did with his room! sooo adorable=)

Karin said...

Love it! You did such a great job. I'm currently gathering ideas for my baby's nursery and this is so helpful!

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful !
I love it

Henar ♥

erica marie said...

You did great with decorating his room. I love your collection of "E"s and all the vintage toys. I love that you put a pic of you pregnant with him...really beautiful.

Trashy Decor said...

Hello gorgeousness! EVERY single detail in his room is PERFECT! I am a sucker for vintage toys as well. My daughter has several of them and the best part? I find most of them at the Goodwill for cheap, cheap, cheap! You were so tiny and so radiant when you were pregnant. I am also a fan of the stacked 'E's'. You did an amazing job! What a blessed and beautiful little boy.

P.S. I love the beach shot with his little butt hanging out. Doesn't get any sweeter than that!


Tamara Nicole said...

This is beyond cute hun! Love your style, and that pic of you prego with him is adorable!!!

Pssst I am asking a handful of ladies to guest post on my lil blog whiel we are out of town here soon, I would LOVE it if you would! Let me know, no pressure! :-)

Amber Blue Bird said...

oh my goodness that room is darling. I love the vintage accessories and the photos are too cute especially the one of your boy in the sand

Chloe said...

Such a lovely lovely room.

C x

Léia Gonçalves said...

Wow, Ezekiel's room is fantastic. I also love the letter E, that my minor daughter is called Eduarda. I loved the frame of little boy praying. What good taste! Congratulations!

Antoinette said...
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Tereza said...

You've created such a beautiful nursery!