November 9, 2011

My Instagram

Since I've received my new iphone a month ago I already have over 1 thousand pictures and over 200 pictures on Instagram. Addicted a little? Umm..yes!!!
Well since I do take so many I figured hey why not share some every week.
Theres a little story telling behind each here it is, my first instagram week photo collage. Well technically second, but I didnt share about the photos from my first post here

1. I've been curling my hair a lot lately!
2. Drinking tea using my lovely tea cups
3. Getting cozy with my mustard throw from west elm
4. Wearing vintage boots a lot!
5. Started work 3 times a week driving over the st johns bridge is always dreamy!
6. Sparkled nail polish addiction
7. Love that pic from free people, have it hanging on my wall
8. Love my matroyshka doll case
9. KISSMYFACE products are awesome!
10. Want this typewriter for christmas
11. Added another string of vintage photos to my wall
12. Red lipstick rocks!
13. Roasted pumpkin seeds for snack
14. Carring my address book in my purse. Feel like sending cute packages to people this holiday season!
15. Cotton ball vintage bunny. Isnt it cute?
16. Love my little munchkin whos turning 2 this month! yikes!!

If you wish to follow me. My name is pearlyo


Ashley said...

Yay! I'm going to start following you! Fun! I LOVE your iphone case! Is it from society6?

Anonymous said...

What a cute way to showcase the pretty highlights of your life. Great idea.

CIao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Post two of you went up today. It's just behind the pink cookie post. Feel free to click and save the images and post them here on your blog, if you wanna!


Tereza said...

aww I love the Matyroshka doll cover! and I would too love that type writer for Xmas!

Urban Nester said...

LOVE instagram. So great.

Olivia said...

CUTE! how did you make the collage?

Anonymous said...

Definitely going to follow you! Loving the Russian doll phone case by the way. Where can this Russian gall get herself one of those? ;)

Erin said...

Your hair looks so pretty and I love those vintage boots! What a little stud! 2! How exciting! :)

Ana said...

Love your pics! You're so pretty!

özge bayrak said...

wow! fantastic blog, love it! start to following also! congs! you're so sweet.

Nicole said...

I love that vintage typewriter! But then again - I love everything vintage.

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

What a lovely collage! I really love that iPhone case it's adorable! :)

Have a nice week!

jessica said...

I love these instagrams! I still have an old phone but an iphone is on my Christmas list. And I can't lie, one of the things I am most excited about is Instagram. :)