June 26, 2016

Tea For 2 Birthday Party!

On June 11, 2016 we celebrated our little daughters Eloise's 2nd Birthday!
It was a Tea Party for her friends, family and stuffed bunnies.
And of course her real new pet The Bunny we named Teacup.

Setting was at home. I had the pleasure to convert corners of the home into vintage pretty details. From the fireplace mantel, to the brick wall, living room was set up with eclectic little cute chairs and vintage embroidered table covers. 
Majority of the decor I owned already from previous parties and years of collecting. I'm a party hoarder at heart. I keep everything and collect everything. Tea cups and Tea Pots are a part of me and always will be. So I can promise you they will be used for more parties to come. Vintage pretty Handkerchiefs I started collecting two years ago when I found out I was pregnant with a girl. I wanted to make a mobile with them and I did you can see it here. The cute mustard vintage sofa was gifted by a friend. We moved it from the play room to use for the party. 

Tea For Two sign: Fresh cut lavender from my yard. Used glue dots to hang it. Worked great on the brick! 

Flowers: I wanted to use my glass vases and bottles with single flowers in each. I went to a super cute neighboring floral shop in Sellwood. I bought all the flowers from the owner and just added some lavender from home.

Happy Birthday Banner:  I went to Paper Caper Store in Lake Oswego and fell in love with the  meri meri birthday line! The balloons were also from there.

Party Hats: I was inspired by Kelly Murray cone birthday hat so I decided to make some for the party! I bought paper mache cones from amazon. Added floral fabric washi tape from Michaels covered them and hot glued a pom pom on top. The others I painted and added paper florals. I think I made 6. Also I made small party hats for Eloise's stuffed bunnies who were a part of the party as well!

Party Favors: Paper bags stamped with a Tea Pot and a Bunny (matched the theme)
Inside the favors was some candy and a little journal for each child to take home.

Huge prayer was answered when Lena from Lenas Kitchen texted me and offered to help in the kitchen! I was so blessed with her wonderful services! She is so much fun to be around with. Not only is she a phenomenal chef but also a multi talented creative with design and organization skills!  I enjoyed getting to know her and learned new tips and loved watching her make the delicious Crepe Cake with infused lavender honey! On that menu also included: Cucumber sandwiches, because you can't have tea party without them! lemon butter spread with salmon dill sandwiches. Deviled eggs with prosciutto, radishes and edible flowers.  Baguette with goat cheese, fig spread and berries. Doesn't that all sound delicious! Of course I served Two kinds of loose tea. Lavender and Earl Gray.

My heart also goes out to Mary Boyden. The morning of the party, which was starting at 10:30am, Mary texted me to offer any help with anything! I'm so quick to respond, no thank you, everything is covered! Thanks! I always think I can handle everything and don't like to accept help sometimes.. I'm not sure that's just the way Im wired! But that morning was kind of hectic, a lot going on that week prior. I also couldn't find my charger for my camera and lets just say photos were the last thing on my mind that morning! And of course my phone was full of memory space like what are the odds so goodness I probably wouldn't even have any photos come to think of it!! Anyways,  I was hesistent of course to accept any help but I went for it and asked if she didn't mind taking a few photos of the party! Little did I know that she would end up taking all of these!! Aren't they so cute?! My heart is smiling and filled with such gratitude! She sends me not 20 photos but over 200! I did not expect! So Thank you so much dear Mary for your amazing talent that you captured! We will cherish these photos forever and ever!

I'm telling you, God works in mysterious ways! I now know and can tell you from these two stories of how awesome God really is! How he loves us. In these little things. For me making food is HUGE and taking photos of all these details is HUGE!~ Little did I know that  my amazing Father would send me two angels to help offer their talents, invest their time, energy, to me. To my family. My Eloise.

Eloise was such a happy delight! She enjoyed sipping on tea and being with all her friends, family and holding her new pet. She even got to dance with her daddy.  Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our little Pearl. Thank you to my mom who helped clean and wash all the dishes. Im not sure what I would do without her. Everything turned out beyond what I anticipated! It was truly touched by angels. 


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Im always in awe with your ideas. This birthday is just magical. ��

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